Beaver Computing Challenge



Welcome to the official contest site for the Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC).


  1. Login by clicking on the Login link at the top of the page.  Enter the userid and password you are given.  After this, ensure that your lastname, firstname, grade, birthdate and gender are correctly entered.
  2. To start the Challenge, click on the Challenge link above.  You will need to enter the contest password which was sent to your supervising teacher.
  3. When you login, you will see that all questions are indicated as "Not Answered". This "Question List" page will change once you have selected your answer.
  4. In total, there are 15 questions.
  5. You may change your answer at any time, and may complete the problems in any order.
  6. Once you have completed a question, you must pick the next question that you wish to work on:  you will not be automatically moved onto the next question.
  7. You have 45 minutes to complete the challenge. You will see a timer indicating how much time is remaining.
  8. The "A" level problems are intended to be easier than the "B" level problems, which are intended to be easier than the "C" level problems.  Within each group (A,B or C), the problems will be in random order.
  9. Correctly answered problems are worth 8 marks for "A", 6 marks for "B" and 4 marks for "C".  Incorrectly answered questions are worth 0 marks.  Blank questions are worth 2 marks, up to a maximum of 6 blank questions.  For all questions, you have the option to "Erase" your answer:  this option will appear as the fifth choice in all multiple choice questions.